Asus DC Power Jack

Asus X75 X75A X75S X75SV X75V X75VB X75VC X75VD VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 R704 R704A R704V R704VC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Port
Asus X75 X75A X75S X75SV X75V X75VB X75VC X75VD VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 R704 R704A R704V R704VC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Port
  • Model: A120002

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Free Shipping NEW Genuine Original Laptop AC Adapter to MotherBoard Charging Port AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Repair Replacement for Asus X75 X75A X75S X75SV X75V X75VB X75VC X75VD VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 R704 R704A R704V R704VC Series

SKU: A120002

Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
 Asus X75 X75A Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: X75A X75A-xxxx X75A-DB32 X75A-DB51 X75A-DH31 X75A-DH32 X75A-DS31 X75A-DS51 X75A-QB31 X75A-QB52 X75A-QB91 X75A-QH91 X75A-RHPDN23 X75A-TY002V X75A-TY006H X75A-TY028H X75A-TY028V X75A-TY032D X75A-TY032R X75A-TY032V X75A-TY034 X75A-TY034H X75A-TY034V X75A-TY041 X75A-TY042 X75A-TY043V X75A-TY044 X75A-TY044H X75A-TY046H X75A-TY046V X75A-TY053H X75A-TY053V X75A-TY055D X75A-TY055H X75A-TY055R X75A-TY057V X75A-TY060H X75A-TY061H X75A-TY69H X75A-TY076 X75A-TY081H X75A-TY083H X75A-TY087D X75A-TY087H X75A-TY095H X75A-TY098H X75A-TY101H X75A-TY102H X75A-TY103H X75A-TY108H X75A-TY109H X75A-TY114 X75A-TY114D X75A-TY117 X75A-TY117D X75A-TY117H X75A-TY119D X75A-TY126H X75A-TY128H X75A-TY130H X75A-TY131H X75A-TY139H X75A-TY142D X75A-TY146H X75A-TY159H X75A-TY164D X75A-TY179H X75A-TY185H X75A-TY197H X75A-TY228H X75A-TY229H X75A-TY231H X75A-TY232H X75A-TY233H X75A-TY234H X75A-TY240H X75A-TY251H X75A-TY253H X75A-TY257H X75A-TY272H X75A-XH51 X75A-XH52 ..
 Asus X75 X75S X75SV Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: X75SV X75SV-xxxx X75SV-TY041C X75SV-TY068C X75SV-TY069K X75SV-TY075C X75SV-TY091C X75SV-TY095C X75SV-TY104C X75SV-TY123C X75SV-TY124C ..
 Asus X75 X75V X75VB Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: X75VB X75VB-xxxx X75VB-TY005 X75VB-TY005D X75VB-TY006 X75VB-TY006D X75VB-TY006H X75VB-TY006V X75VB-TY007 X75VB-TY007D X75VB-TY008D X75VB-TY008H X75VB-TY010 X75VB-TY010H X75VB-TY011H X75VB-TY016D X75VB-TY016H X75VB-TY017D X75VB-TY019H X75VB-TY021 X75VB-TY020H X75VB-TY021D X75VB-TY022 X75VB-TY022D X75VB-TY023 X75VB-TY023D X75VB-TY024 X75VB-TY025H X75VB-TY027D X75VB-TY027H X75VB-TY028 X75VB-TY029 X75VB-TY029H X75VB-TY031H X75VB-TY032H X75VB-TY037D X75VB-TY038D X75VB-TY038H X75VB-TY041H X75VB-TY043 X75VB-TY043H X75VB-TY045 X75VB-TY045H X75VB-TY047D X75VB-TY047H X75VB-TY050H X75VB-TY052H X75VB-TY053 X75VB-TY053H X75VB-TY055D X75VB-TY056D X75VB-TY057D X75VB-TY058D X75VB-TY059D X75VB-TY061H X75VB-TY063H X75VB-TY068D X75VB-TY068H X75VB-TY071D X75VB-TY072H X75VB-TY073H X75VB-TY075H X75VB-TY086H X75VB-TY087H X75VB-TY087D X75VB-TY090D X75VB-TY095 X75VB-TY265 X75VB-TY265H X75VB-0027K3230M X75VB-0057K3230M ..
 Asus X75 X75V X75VC Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: X75VC X75VC-xxxx X75VC-TY005H X75VC-TY006H X75VC-TY007H X75VC-TY009D X75VC-TY010D X75VC-TY010H X75VC-TY011D X75VC-TY011H X75VC-TY013 X75VC-TY013D X75VC-TY013H X75VC-TY014 X75VC-TY014D X75VC-TY014H X75VC-TY015H X75VC-TY016H X75VC-TY021D X75VC-TY021H X75VC-TY022D X75VC-TY022H X75VC-TY023 X75VC-TY023D X75VC-TY023H X75VC-TY024D X75VC-TY024H X75VC-TY025H X75VC-TY032H X75VC-TY035H X75VC-TY038H X75VC-TY043H X75VC-TY047H X75VC-TY049 X75VC-TY050 X75VC-TY052H X75VC-TY053H X75VC-TY054 X75VC-TY055 X75VC-TY056D X75VC-TY056H X75VC-TY057H X75VC-TY059H X75VC-TY060 X75VC-TY060H X75VC-TY067H X75VC-TY070D X75VC-TY070H X75VC-TY074D X75VC-TY075H X75VC-TY085H X75VC-TY086H X75VC-TY090H X75VC-TY092H X75VC-TY096H X75VC-TY098D X75VC-TY101D X75VC-TY102H X75VC-TY103H X75VC-TY104H X75VC-TY109H X75VC-TY114D X75VC-TY117H X75VC-TY127H X75VC-TY128H X75VC-TY129H X75VC-TY132 X75VC-TY132H X75VC-TY138 X75VC-TY138H X75VC-TY139H X75VC-TY142H X75VC-TY143 X75VC-TY143H X75VC-TY144H X75VC-TY146H X75VC-TY151H X75VC-TY152H X75VC-TY153H X75VC-TY155H X75VC-TY156H X75VC-TY157H X75VC-TY158H X75VC-TY166 X75VC-TY169 X75VC-TY185H X75VC-TY187H X75VC-TY189H X75VC-TY190H X75VC-TY191H X75VC-TY196D X75VC-TY202H X75VC-TY203H X75VC-TY210 X75VC-TY210H X75VC-TY212H X75VC-TY213H X75VC-TY217H X75VC-TY221H X75VC-0037K2020M X75VC-0057K3230M ..
 Asus X75 X75V X75VD Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port: X75VD X75VD-xxxx X75VD-BB51 X75VD-DB1 X75VD-DB51 X75VD-QB51 X75VD-TY001D X75VD-TY001H X75VD-TY001V X75VD-TY007V X75VD-TY009H X75VD-TY011H X75VD-TY011V X75VD-TY012 X75VD-TY012H X75VD-TY012V X75VD-TY013H X75VD-TY014H X75VD-TY014V X75VD-TY014X X75VD-TY015D X75VD-TY015H X75VD-TY015V X75VD-TY016D X75VD-TY016H X75VD-TY016R X75VD-TY026V X75VD-TY027 X75VD-TY027D X75VD-TY027H X75VD-TY028V X75VD-TY039D X75VD-TY039H X75VD-TY039V X75VD-TY039X X75VD-TY040H X75VD-TY049V X75VD-TY056D X75VD-TY056H X75VD-TY056V X75VD-TY057D X75VD-TY061H X75VD-TY061V X75VD-TY073 X75VD-TY073H X75VD-TY074V X75VD-TY075V X75VD-TY076D X75VD-TY076R X75VD-TY077H X75VD-TY080H X75VD-TY082 X75VD-TY082H X75VD-TY082V X75VD-TY086V X75VD-TY087H X75VD-TY087V X75VD-TY088H X75VD-TY088V X75VD-TY091D X75VD-TY091H X75VD-TY091V X75VD-TY094V X75VD-TY095V X75VD-TY096V X75VD-TY098D X75VD-TY098DM X75VD-TY099H X75VD-TY100H X75VD-TY100V X75VD-TY105V X75VD-TY106V X75VD-TY111V X75VD-TY128H X75VD-TY136H X75VD-TY137 X75VD-TY138 X75VD-TY139H X75VD-TY142H X75VD-TY143H X75VD-TY144H X75VD-TY144V X75VD-TY145D X75VD-TY148D X75VD-TY152H X75VD-TY153P X75VD-TY154H X75VD-TY156H X75VD-TY159H X75VD-TY164D X75VD-TY165H X75VD-TY166H X75VD-TY173H X75VD-TY174 X75VD-TY181H X75VD-TY182D X75VD-TY187D X75VD-TY194H X75VD-TY197H X75VD-TY198H X75VD-TY201D X75VD-TY202D X75VD-TY204H X75VD-TY205D X75VD-TY205H X75VD-TY206 X75VD-TY207 X75VD-TY210 X75VD-TY210M X75VD-TY211 X75VD-TY212H X75VD-TY215H X75VD-TY216H X75VD-TY219H X75VD-TY221H X75VD-TY229H X75VD-TY223H X75VD-TY225H X75VD-TY233H X75VD-TY237H X75VD-TY212H X75VD-TY215H X75VD-TY216H X75VD-TY233H X75VD-TY234H X75VD-TY237H X75VD-TY244 X75VD-TY246H X75VD-TY247H X75VD-TY249H X75VD-TY252H X75VD-TY254H X75VD-TY260H X75VD-TY3210 X75VD-0057K3210M X75VD-0067KB980 X75VD-0077KB980 ..
 Asus Lamborghini VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port
 Asus R704 R704A R704V R704VC Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port
 And Many Other Laptop Models

Product Specifications:
 2.5mm Central Pin DC Power Jack Socket Charging Port Connector
 Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: Brand New, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality

Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port for Asus X75 X75A X75S X75SV X75V X75VB X75VC X75VD VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 R704 R704A R704V R704VC Series. Please enlarge the actual pictures, check Product Specifications and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.